September 25 – November 13 7:00-9:00pm

Join Patti Smith, LPC and Pastor Fritz Nelson, for a non-judgmental discussion of our messed up families and how to survive – even thrive – amidst the crazy.  All family types welcome, included and accepted.

Four sessions: Sept 25, Oct 9, Oct 23, Nov. 13

The Bible contains some of the most messed up families in history.  Husbands cheat, wives compete and siblings kill each other.  As we analyze the Bible’s dysfunctional families we’ll work on understanding our own.  Please note this class will contain no pious lectures on how your should live your life, no orders to conform to pre-ordained family roles and no guilt trips for decisions made. by analyzing those in the bible four-part class on family dynamics using biblical families as a guide and inspiration.

Class is preceded by THE HUB’S Midweek Pause, a service of prayer and meditation starting at 6:30.  Participants invited, but not required, to attend Midweek Pause, which will be held in a separate part of THE HUB Conference Center.